Q: What is Toon Goggles Premium?

A: Toon Goggles Premium is a $4.99 per month subscription service that allows you to stream unlimited amounts of 100% ad-free, kid-safe, parent-friendly cartoons.

Q: Why do videos for non-premium users have Ads?

A: Advertising helps us cover streaming video costs and allow you to watch thousands of videos for free, any time of the day.

Q: Do you have any videos without ads for non-premium users?

A: Yes! All pre-school and educational content is 100% ad-free. If you do not want your child to see advertising, you can either upgrade to TG Premium or go to parental controls to lock all shows except those in the educational and pre-school categories.

Q: How can I become a TG Premium subscriber?

A: Easy! You can upgrade to premium membership on your Mac or PC web browser by going to http://www.toongoggles.com/upgrade and start your 30 day free trial.

Q: Can I cancel TG Premium at any time?

A: Yes. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with your TG Premium subscription, you can contact us at http://www.toongoggles.com/contact to submit a cancellation request.